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We take care of the Web, what it is used for and how we can exploit its enormous potential for companies, businesses and individual professionals.

Project is the stage to which we devote the greatest attention. Today, technologies are never a problem. Studying thoroughly each individual case and understand why and how to design a web presence is instead the most important and demanding work. For every entrepreneur it is fundamental to know in depth what are the potentials and the pitfalls that today Web reserves.

Realize the presence on the Web, or  updating existing web sites must always begin with a detailed reasoning on the company's identity, its targets, its resources and its customers.

A project is a path that requires strategy and actions monitoring. Relationship with competitors will be more and more determined by the ability to move on the net with competence and effectiveness. A neglected website is an element that anyway compose the identity that every company tries to expose to the public.

Today it is no longer advisable to gather a web presence trusting only on intuition and with some trivial technical notion. Today it is necessary to rely on competent consultants.

Woobiweb follows the customer from the beginning of every project, whether it is a new realization, or whether it is a renewal.

For Woobiweb the basic idea is to create effective tools that works.








Created in 2006, gremus.it was published with the intention of spreading the passion for great music.
It was initially structured as a blog divided into several sections. The first version was released with Drupal 5 and with a theme based on an adaptation of the Garamond theme. During the migration to Drupal 6 Zen theme was adopted which allowed us to study in depth the possibilities offered by php templates.
The move to Drupal 7 coincided with the adoption of Bootstrap which over time has become one of our most reliable css development frameworks.
Now it's on Drupal 8/9 will take place. Gremus.it is reviewing its entire editorial structure, integrating an e-learning and ecommerce system.

It is the first of a series of projects that is linked to the world of music, a series that is today one of the strongest motivations for the entire Woobiweb team. Alessandro Ferrari, conductor and composer, commissioned a website that would respond to the evolution that he himself, after more than 30 years at the Teatro alla Scala, still requires of himself and his audience. This is why the site is still in a "beta" version, that is to say in progress, for the contents, for the graphics, and for the projects that will gradually take shape. Developed in Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4 + Gsap, it is already prepared to expose the contents to an app already in design.

Roberta Ferrari

One of the most interesting projects not only for the immersion in the world of pianist Roberta Ferrari, authentic talent, but also because Roberta has left us full creative freedom, and in these cases the project takes on a coherence and an elegance that rewards with certainty. The site developed in Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4, is still in beta version because the entire Vocal Coaching section is in planning. In addition, as for the other sites dedicated to music, a line of CI (Continuous Integration) will be followed in order to keep alive the contact that artists want to have with their audience.


Website commissioned by the client in 2015 initially developed with Drupal 7 and now online with Drupal 8/9.
The customer wanted, from the beginning, to place a meticulous control not only on the contents but also on the graphics.
The latest version, 3.0, was entirely designed by the customer. For us it was interesting to measure the graphic potential offered by the Bootstrap / Twig / JS combination.

The project started in 2016 on commission from the client, an architect, with important experiences in bio-architecture. In its first implementation, spaces dedicated to each customer were provided, with the possibility of direct communication on the project or with individual customers. In every space it was possible not only to communicate, but also to exchange and archive documents. In 2019 the site was ported to Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4.

The project started in 2016 when the client needed to inform the public about his business and at the same time offer members some dedicated content. This is why it was initially developed in Drupal 7 + Organics Groups, a system that made it possible to create multiple user segments each with personalized access privileges. Over time, the project has taken on different forms. In 2020, the customer decided to completely change the site setting by implementing an online course sales system, both in streaming, both live and as packages. Project in continuous "becoming" is currently in Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4.

Agricultura Vedica Maharishi

Ecommerce website dedicated to the international online trade of organic fruit and vegetables.
The project has fully engaged our team, both for the graphic design, both for the implementation of the ecommerce with more than 800 products in the catalog, and for the need for ad-hoc programming necessary for the generation of administrative accounts for each individual customer.
We took care of SEO and Continuous Assistance in CI mode.
Online since January 2018. In the first 9 months of 2020 alone, it had a turnover of € 70,000 (30 September 2020).
Created in Drupal 7 it is based on Bootstrap 3 theme, and Drupal Commerce 1 system.
In November 2020, the customer decided not to accept the cost of porting to Drupal 8, deciding to bring the site to another system.


The project stems from a simple need: to activate a forum available to the public. A platform has developed around this need in a few months, which in our opinion testifies to the extraordinary potential of Drupal. A single site that allowed the customer, for 3 years and with very low development costs, to have a website, an e-commerce system for the renewal of membership fees, work groups, forums, blogs, newsletters and a great amount of other opportunities. Woobiweb also took care of starting the forum, positioning the brands and public content, and training users to use the opportunities offered by the web. The project lasted 3 years.


Project commissioned by a Spanish real estate agency. The idea is to create a platform dedicated to the presentation of real estate properties both for sale and for rent. Furthermore, a property "ranking" system has been set up for the benefit of end customers. This system is based on an algorithm capable of classifying properties according to the logic of AI. The system is also built with the intention of adapting to a complex market context which must deal not only with owners and customers but also with competing agencies. The website is currently online but in a "freeze" state due to the pandemic. Our team is working on a transformation of the site into an independent vertical portal.

Bottega Equo Solidale

Project started in 2014 as an active contribution to the support of a Fair Trade Shop. Developed with Drupal 7 and with a php module that allowed the organization of shifts in the shop. We have decided to mention it in this selection because in this project we have thoroughly tested the effectiveness of developing modules or utilities within the Drupal "wrapper", easily inheriting all the options offered by the Drupal core and other modules. After this project we decided that we would direct all our efforts to study Drupal. Today we consider Drupal (especially Drupal 8) as a true php framework, modern and suitable for complex development contexts. Perfectly "dockerizable", manageable from command-line (composer, npm, bower, git etc.), adhering to object-oriented programming and to the DI (dependency injection) design pattern, it is able to guarantee excellent performance, reliability, scalability and safety. The Bottega project showed us the right way even if it ended when the Bottega went out of business in 2019.

On Work

  • gremus.eu : Marketing digital platform dedicated to the promotion of musical events on an international scale.
  • Dino Violinista: Personal Website of Dino, violionist
  • Alex Liutaio: Website / ecommerce dedicated to lutherie.
  • Opera Piccola Italiana: Website "incubator" of musical events
  • Bienestarte.com: Vertical portal dedicated to wellness (international twin of farebenessere.com, our production)