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Created in 2006, was published with the intention of spreading the passion for great music.
It was initially structured as a blog divided into several sections. The first version was released with Drupal 5 and with a theme based on an adaptation of the Garamond theme. During the migration to Drupal 6 Zen theme was adopted which allowed us to study in depth the possibilities offered by php templates.
The move to Drupal 7 coincided with the adoption of Bootstrap which over time has become one of our most reliable css development frameworks.
Now it's on Drupal 8/9 will take place. is reviewing its entire editorial structure, integrating an e-learning and ecommerce system.

  • Customer:
  • First release: gennaio 2007
  • Current version: 4.0
  • Core: Drupal 8
  • Coding: no
  • Mobile: si