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It is the first of a series of projects that is linked to the world of music, a series that is today one of the strongest motivations for the entire Woobiweb team. Alessandro Ferrari, conductor and composer, commissioned a website that would respond to the evolution that he himself, after more than 30 years at the Teatro alla Scala, still requires of himself and his audience. This is why the site is still in a "beta" version, that is to say in progress, for the contents, for the graphics, and for the projects that will gradually take shape. Developed in Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4 + Gsap, it is already prepared to expose the contents to an app already in design.

  • Customer: Alessandro Ferrari
  • First release: 2020
  • Current release: 0.8
  • Core: Drupal 8
  • Mobile: totally responsive
  • Theme: Woobiweb design - bootstrap 4 - Gsap