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Roberta Ferrari

One of the most interesting projects not only for the immersion in the world of pianist Roberta Ferrari, authentic talent, but also because Roberta has left us full creative freedom, and in these cases the project takes on a coherence and an elegance that rewards with certainty. The site developed in Drupal 8 + Bootstrap 4, is still in beta version because the entire Vocal Coaching section is in planning. In addition, as for the other sites dedicated to music, a line of CI (Continuous Integration) will be followed in order to keep alive the contact that artists want to have with their audience.

  • Customer: Roberta Ferrari
  • First release: 2020
  • Current release: 1.0
  • Core: Drupal 8
  • coding: yes, Online training (under construction)
  • Mobile: totally responsive
  • Theme: Woobiweb design - bootstrap 4