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Bottega Equo Solidale

Project started in 2014 as an active contribution to the support of a Fair Trade Shop. Developed with Drupal 7 and with a php module that allowed the organization of shifts in the shop. We have decided to mention it in this selection because in this project we have thoroughly tested the effectiveness of developing modules or utilities within the Drupal "wrapper", easily inheriting all the options offered by the Drupal core and other modules. After this project we decided that we would direct all our efforts to study Drupal. Today we consider Drupal (especially Drupal 8) as a true php framework, modern and suitable for complex development contexts. Perfectly "dockerizable", manageable from command-line (composer, npm, bower, git etc.), adhering to object-oriented programming and to the DI (dependency injection) design pattern, it is able to guarantee excellent performance, reliability, scalability and safety. The Bottega project showed us the right way even if it ended when the Bottega went out of business in 2019.